Bloggers are finding that selling text link ads on their website, is usually much more profitable than Adsense. Another benefit is they don’t clutter up a website and can be a way to sneak in additional income, without sacrificing the look of your site for further profit. There are a few text link ad broker services, but only 3 right now seem to be worth joining. In order to use these sites, a piece of code or plugin must be installed for tracking purposes. – They will manually review your site and based on your alexa, pagerank, and other factors, they will assign a price per link. You will be paid 50% of this(TLA gets 50% cut) per sitewide (or front page only) link sold per month. You can choose how many links you want to display per ad block(up to 10) and whether you want to pre-approve or have automatic approval of ads. Payments are done by Paypal.

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LinkWorth – I haven’t received any text link opportunities from them yet as they are fairly small network right now. They have many other earning opportunities including sponsored posts for bloggers, so that’s why I recommend signing up for them.

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Other popular ones are and which both pay by paypal.