Many bloggers find doing sponsored posts very lucrative. Unless you have a really high traffic website, you will usually earn more from sponsored posts than Google Adsense and affiliate programs. You can often earn more in one review than what you earn in a month from Adsense.

The reason why advertisers pay bloggers a lot of money is because the links pass permanent pagerank value to the advertiser’s site. To the advertisers, paying 20 or 30 bucks for example, is a good deal because it’s passing pagerank and at the same time creating buzz on a person’s blog.

The major problem with sponsored posts is Google frowns on passing bought links without a nofollow. In fact, they are improving their algorithms constantly to help figure out bought links not using a nofollow. Many blogs have been reduced to a pagerank zero for doing sponsored posts. Keep in mind though that it appears to be a “vanity change” as bloggers still maintain the same ranking in Google despite a drop in pagerank. I believe Google wants to stop the selling of links by zeroeing out the number, without actually changing the search results. Another major con to sponsored posts, is they are really the quickest way to lose repeat visitors.

Despite the concerns of losing repeat visitors and being punished by Google, most will find they will make a lot more from sponsored posts in the end. Also, you won’t lose too many loyal readers if you are still providing fresh quality content, the key is moderation. .

I’ve done many different sponsored posts across many different sites and by far my favorite is The rules and the large amount of available opportunities available, has made it the most profitable sponsored post network for me.