Payperpost is the oldest and largest sponsored post marketplace network. Bloggers earn substantial money getting paid to write reviews on their blog. What seperates Payperpost from the rest, is you don’t have to bid or wait for an offer to come to you. You simply go into the directory find ones that are available to you based on your rank and other requirements. Once you reserve it, you have 6 hours to write and submit it. This is in contrast to ther networks, where you wait forever for opportunities to come to you or you wind up bidding on dozens before you get even one response back from an advertiser. I always recommend Payperpost over the others because you can make far more from this network because of the way the system is setup and because there is way more opportunities available.

Their affiliate program is very generous, either paying $15 dollar per active blogger referral or $7 per referral plus a written review (with a backlink) of your site. In order to get paid for a referral, the blogger must register a blog and get it approved. Then they must write one sponsored post and have it approved 30 days later. Don’t expect all of your referrals to actually convert to the pay column because not all of them go through the whole process. Overall, the signup rate is high and the payout rate is high enough per active blogger referral, this should earn bloggers good money as affiliate program. Payperpost requires a social security number for U.S citizens and all payments are done by paypal.

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