In the past you may have heard me talk about how I prefer SEO over social networking. I just find the social networking plugins for wordpress clutter your site, bleed pagerank, and are a hassle to deal with. I had them on some of my sites, but decided it wasn’t worth it anymore.  Now my site looks cleaner, loads faster, and I can focus strictly on SEO.

People will always be looking for a search term in Google and it’s a heck of a lot easier getting consistent hits that way, then constantly checking on mybloglog or submitting your sites into Digg. Besides most social networking sites like Digg are rigged anyways by webmasters using multiple IDs or paying other people to vote.  I know some webmasters will claim success from social networking, but it’s rare and and very time consuming and there is no guarantee the traffic will be sustainable, unlike with SEO.   Once you rank well in search engines, you usually stay there.