Furl is another social bookmarking site, most similiar to Delicious.
It is not as popular as some of the other social networks, but those heavy into social networking, should not neglect using Furl. Social networking websites of course, can help in the promotion of your own websites.

How does Furl work?

Basically it is a online bookmarking site, but with a added social benefit. It allows you to bookmark websites online, so you can use different browsers or computers and always have your bookmarks available to you. The social benefit is due to the fact that all bookmarking patterns are shared with others in the community. Furl will also recommend links to you based on your bookmarking patterns. You can also search other sites that are ranked based on other people’s bookmarking and rating sites. When bookmarking a site you can rate the link, which helps others in the community. Many of the social bookmarking plugins for wordpress already bundle the furl submission icon automatically.