Clicksor has been around since 2001. Clicksor is a Pay Per Click advertiser offering contextual text banner and inline ads. The inline ads are when certain words are underlined in your text and if you hover your mouse over it, a little clickable popup ad shows. Clicksor also has a feature that allows you to pick keywords that you want the ads to specifically target.

Clicksor was one of the original contextual advertisers online, but their popularity is very low from what it was a few years ago. Even though Clicksor claims to pay 70% of their earnings to the publisher, they pay very poorly according to most publishers. With Google Adsense paying far better, most choose them instead.

Their referral program pays 5 dollars once that person gets 50 dollars in earnings. The problem is, its only a one time bonus of 5 dollars and not many webmasters will even make it to that first 50 dollars. Most will quit or try another PPC advertiser before then.

Payouts are $50 dollar minimum by check and $20 dollars by paypal.

Clicksor Pros:

1) Choose between text banner ads or inline ads
2) Payments by check or paypal

Clicksor Cons:

1) Very low pay per click earnings.
2) English only ads
3) Poor ad targeting
4) Poor referral program
5) Poor banner ad choices
6) Slow ad loading
7) Every site you want added to account has to be individually reviewed first.