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How To Alternate Ads Between Posts on WordPress

On some of my blogs on the front page, I alternate ads after the blog posts. It is a useful way to blend in ads inside your content on the front page. As far as I know there is no plugin that does it like this, so I had to custom code it, but I’ll […]

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How to put ads inside WordPress blog posts on individual pages

If you want PPC ads on the upper right hand side of your individual blog posts in wordpress, it is easy to do. You don’t need a specific sized ad, it will automatically go to the upper right hand corner of each blog post through the permalink. Go into the themes folder then open up […]

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Contextual Related Post WordPress Plugin

The contextual related posts wordpress plugin is one of the best wordpress plugins out there. It automatically searches your blog to find other blog posts that have similiar topics. It will show at the bottom of each individual blog post through the permalink, 5 (you can edit this) related articles. I really like this plugin […]

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Why you should use the Import Export on WordPress

Most people don’t realize that you don’t need to use MYSQL or PHPmyadmin in order to do a core backup of wordpress. Sure it doesn’t back up everything, but its quick and a smaller file size than a SQL backup. What is wordpress Import / Export? The export feature saves your wordpress data as a […]

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The Best Way to Upgrade WordPress

Every few weeks there is a new wordpress release or security patch. Being the victim two seperate times of wordpress exploits, I don’t let my wordpress versions get outdated anymore. It can get old real quick, constantly trying to update wordpress. One way to upgrade wordpress is through Fantastico in Cpanel. Not all web hosts […]

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Flexible Upload WordPress Plugin

If you want to run photos on your blog you may want to try the Flexible Upload plugin for wordpress blogs. It is only for versions 2.0 and above. It has a lot of features available including thumbnails, resizing, picture alignment, and more. This plugin is only if you are using the upload feature through […]

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Customized Login Form for WordPress CMS Use

If you are like me and have used wordpress as a CMS(content management system) than having a nice looking login form in the sidebar is crucial. The text version you see on blogs is very ugly and is a must to change for CMS. When you add the code it adds two boxes, like you […]

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Post Rating WordPress Plugin

If you have a photo or product blog, then you may want to try out this plugin. It puts a 5 star rating system inside each blog post. Users don’t have to register, it rates at the click of a button. It tracks by unique I.P in the database, to help protect against abuse. Ive […]

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Ultimate Tag Warrior Plugin

Ultimate Tag Warrior is a way to add tagging to your blog posts. It will give you a chance for users to easily bookmark your blog posts through such social networks including, Flickr, and Technorati. Unfortunately, it is difficult to install as I had installed it and had problems getting it working. I probably […]

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WordPress Traffic Stat Plugins

I found a group of plugins that are great for wordpress plugins. These only work for WordPress versions 2.1 and above. The first one is WP Useronline 2.11 plugin. It will display inside your dashboard, the number of registered members, guests, and robots that are currently on your blog in the last 5 minutes. It […]

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