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How To Backup Your WordPress Database

So you been working on your website for a few weeks. You now got your blog or forum going. You been holding off learning how to use or backup a database. Now it is time to start thinking about backing up your database. You may not feel the need, because you believe your host will […]

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Web Languages to learn to be a Pro Blogger

If you have read some of my other articles I have advocated having your own blog on your own webhost. With that ability, comes customization. Unless you want to shell out a lot of money for a good custom design, you are going to have to learn some web languages to get a good custom […]

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How many sites should the average webmaster create?

One common question, especially among those new to creating websites, is how many websites should a person have? Well you have to look at many factors. If you have a huge advertising budget and are creating a online commercial store, then probably one or 2 should be fine. If you’re creating content driven sites such […]

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Most Popular Searched Keywords

Before setting up a website, you have to find out how popular it is on the web. The reason being, if the topic is a flop, it’s not worth even building a website on it. This may sound very simplistic, but if no one is interested in the topic, chances are very few will land […]

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How to Back Up WordPress Blogs without MySQL & PHPmyadmin

When I originally created an article on Dollars Blog about moving wordpress blogs a while back, it was about using PHPmyadmin and MySQL. While you still need to know how to create databases and install things when moving hosts, the need for using MySQL is now less with wordpress. Moving wordpress data around is now […]

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HostGator Review

I currently have been hosting all 13 of my domains for the last few months at Hostgator. All domains are on one account for a good monthly price. My account gets a total of tens of thousands of unique visitors a month and so far have had no problems with slow servers or many other […]

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What is The Best Blog Software?

The best blog software to get for your web host is WordPress. WordPress is very easy to re-design or code. Even if you are not an expert on coding, it’s so commonly used that everyone out there has figured out a hack or plugin to do almost anything. There is also thousands of free templates […]

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Why blogging often doesn’t turn out as easy as people think

If you are like me and many other bloggers, you might have a tendency to be over optimistic about how easy it will be. I remember when I first started, I thought I could easily concentrate on a site or two work very hard and build it up, get massive traffic, and within a year […]

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How to Move WordPress To Another Host or Different Domain Name

If you need to move your worpress blog and the database to another web host or even to a new domain name it isn’t that complicated. If you don’t know how to back up wordpress read that first. Moving wordpress to new host with same domain: The first thing you will need to do is […]

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Should You Add Email Feed Subscriptions?

Bloggers are now often just putting up a feedburner(or some other network) link to their feed for just the feed readers. In the process, they are neglecting people who still don’t understand or use feed readers. It wasn’t until I ran my blog a few months, before I even fully understood RSS feeds and how […]

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