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Good idea to use Google Search on website?

Many bloggers use the Google Search button instead of the original search button on their blogs. Google Search is really a terrible searcher. Google will only find posts that have been indexed. It also won’t find a lot of keywords you are looking for inside your actual blog posts. The original search button on wordpress […]

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Website Clutter

Don’t you hate websites that are full of so many different icons, ads, and links everywhere, that it looks like one big mess? I sure do. I find these sites very annoying and usually I don’t give repeat visits to them. The only time I’ll come back to these sites, is if the site has […]

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Tips to Increase Your Adsense Click Through Rate

Google Adsense is a contextual PPC Network. In other words it grabs the text around your page and serves an ad that is related by keywords to your topic as best as it can. Optimizing your adsense ads will dramatically increase your click through rate. Since you get paid only on clicks, increasing the click […]

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Blog Rating Directories

Some of you may have noticed a lot of the ugly blog rater buttons at the button of this blog. They rank blogs in their directory based on traffic. Are having those ugly things on your page worth it? To be honest, I’ve got very little traffic from them. Most of the traffic I did […]

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When To Put Ads On Your Blog

Most bloggers have asked the question: should I put ads on my blog in the beginning? There is two schools of thought on this issue. The first one says, by putting ads up too early your blog will distract the visitors and in the long run hurt your traffic. The other side believes it will […]

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Ad Placements

How you place ads on your website is important in maximizing your profits. Everyone will have different ways or theories on the best way to do it. Best Places To Put PPC Ads: Pay per click ads are usually clicked on by random people. Often it’s people from search engines who found your site by […]

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How to Generate Favicon Icons for your site

Favicons are neat little icons that many webmasters overlook. They add a sense of style and uniqueness to a site by putting a little icon in the browser tab. If you look at the top of your address bar in your browser, you should see a dark green D and a black background. That is […]

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