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Delicious is a social bookmarking site, which ultimately helps promotes your website. The First part is on a subdomain, the icio is the domain, and the .us is the domain extension (like .com, .net). How Delicious works: After registering for an account, when you see a website you like, you can bookmark it online at […]

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SEO or Social Networking: Which is Better?

Finally someone is here to give you the reality of social networking. I’m tired of these top bloggers talking about great social networking through Technorati, Digg, twitter, mybloglog, Forums, etc. I run 13 different sites (mostly blogs) and never had to rely on social networking to try and get traffic to my site. I rely […]

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Digg Clones (Newer Social Networking Sites)

With the success of the social networking site Digg, many websites out there are trying to be similiar to Digg. Yesterday I mentioned a site similiar to Digg called I don’t like bumpzee, but I found a couple others called Plugim and Sphinn, that I have yet to try. Most social networking plugins for […]

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Twitter Social Networking Review

I seen a few prominent bloggers mention Twitter, mostly with good reviews. Everywhere I go even on TV I keep hearing about Twitter. Personally the idea I think just is rather lame. Now I do some social networking on some of my sites, but twitter is where I draw the line. I think in a […]

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Reddit Review

Reddit is another social bookmarking site, similiar to Digg in structure, that allows webmasters to promote their site. How Reddit works: If you see a webpage you like, you bookmark it or submit it for others to see. The Reddit site has a search engine that allows you to find popular submitted links. People can […]

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SMO (Social Media Optimization)

SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. The term was coined by Rohit Bhargava, for using social networking methods on the internet for promoting websites. Gone are the days of looking at website promotion just as a analytical linear method like SEO(Search engine optimization). Just like SEO is formal term for search engine optimization, likewise, SMO […]

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I Decided to Stop Doing Social Networking

In the past you may have heard me talk about how I prefer SEO over social networking. I just find the social networking plugins for wordpress clutter your site, bleed pagerank, and are a hassle to deal with. I had them on some of my sites, but decided it wasn’t worth it anymore.  Now my […]

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Using Netscape for Social Networking

Most people think of Netscape as a antiquated browser. Netscape’s website is actually a online social bookmarking community, that could be used to help promote your site. It works very similiar to Digg, in that you submit stories and they can get bumped up by your peers to get more visible. Netscape I think has […]

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Furl Review

Furl is another social bookmarking site, most similiar to Delicious. It is not as popular as some of the other social networks, but those heavy into social networking, should not neglect using Furl. Social networking websites of course, can help in the promotion of your own websites. How does Furl work? Basically it is a […]

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Digg Review

Digg is a powerful online social networking community to promote your site. How does Digg Work? Someone will submit a specific url to digg. Once this is done it has been dugg. Other users can then digg it(positive vote) or bury it(negative). A new submission will stay on digg in the submitted category as long […]

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