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SEO or Social Networking: Which is Better?

Finally someone is here to give you the reality of social networking. I’m tired of these top bloggers talking about great social networking through Technorati, Digg, twitter, mybloglog, Forums, etc. I run 13 different sites (mostly blogs) and never had to rely on social networking to try and get traffic to my site. I rely […]

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Google Pagerank Facts

Everyone talks about Google Pagerank, but the truth is very few people have even researched it. There is a lot of myths going around about Google Pagerank. I will clear up the facts & Myths about Google pagerank. Google owns pagerank: False. Pagerank comes out of research done at Stanford University. Stanford University owns the […]

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Anchor Text IS Really your Actual Title

I have a couple blogs that are in a small niche, yet extremely competitive.  It is usually how I am able to observe a lot of stuff that others can’t, which is where I learn most of my SEO insight.  I was noticing that my sites in this niche were ranking very high for major […]

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How To Rank Better in Google Image Search

Everyone is so worried about getting their traffic through the main Google search engine, that they forget a lot of searches Going on through Google Image Search. I’ve read from some other bloggers that a significant amount of their traffic was found through Google image search once they learned how to manipulate it. Google Image […]

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How To Increase Your Google Pagerank

Increasing Google Pagerank is really nothing more than the art of backlink specialization. Pagerank doesn’t treat every backlink equal, but instead on sort of a rating system. Google Pagerank is seen as the holy grail of SEO. I think centering your SEO optimization around pagerank is overrated, but most don’t seem to care to find […]

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Understanding Google Pagerank

Pagerank in simple terms, is basically a way to find out who is popular or has something important to say among the millions of websites out there. How Google Pagerank works: Each time a site passes a link to another page it gives it a “vote” towards increasing it’s pagerank value. Each page on a […]

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Google SERP Ranking Factors (New study)

Among all the speculation and ancedotal evidence of people who think they have google “all figured out” on how to get the best ranking, finally there is a way to see the truth. A german company called sistrix recently analyzed the top 100 Google SERP’s using 10,000 randomly generated keywords. As a result of that […]

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Google Pagerank Penalty Just a “Vanity” Mark?

Recently, like many other bloggers, my pagerank was penalized to zero. Some freak out thinking that a penalization of your pagerank literally means you will lose all your rankings in the search engine. Others have theorized that it simply is a special visible punishment mark for selling links and that you actually maintain your “real” […]

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What is the Google Sandbox?

Google sandbox is a name given for a place to hold sites “on probation”. When your site is “sandboxed” by Google, your site can only be found for very uncompetitive keyword search strings. Even with backlinks and an SEO optimized site, while in the sandbox, Google will keep you from having higher rank with the […]

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When pagerank can become more important than content

I’ve always stressed the importance of writing a lot of content if you want to maximize traffic. You can read more about it in a previous article The most important factor. While content is important to getting traffic, simply adding more content forever will not lead to more traffic indefinitely. Eventually you will hit a […]

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