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About Web Based RSS Feed Readers

Web based RSS feed readers are a homepage where you can monitor multiple feeds you are subscribed to. Unlike most other software feed readers, you don’t have to pay a one time or monthly fee. You also don’t need to download any software. It is also treated as a online bookmarking for some, since you […]

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Internet Too Saturated for New Bloggers?

One common thought that goes through new bloggers, is if they will be able to make it in such a competitive internet today. There are thousands of blogs getting created everyday. That just means every day it is getting harder to get established in the internet. And you have to work harder to get the […]

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Demographics of Feed Subscribers

Most people today still don’t know what RSS or feed readers are all about. I admit, I didn’t even learn what it was all about until I had my blog for a few months. I would imagine the overwhelming majority of RSS subscribers have their own blog or website. Getting RSS subscribers is often a […]

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Directory Submission

Directories are an old way of promoting websites. These days many directories have been abandoned and because there is so many of them with so many listings, most internet users hardly look in them for actual sites. The only reason why directories should be used today is for the SEO benefit from the backlink. Some […]

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Blog Rating Directories

Some of you may have noticed a lot of the ugly blog rater buttons at the button of this blog. They rank blogs in their directory based on traffic. Are having those ugly things on your page worth it? To be honest, I’ve got very little traffic from them. Most of the traffic I did […]

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Free Ways to increase your website traffic

Every webmaster wants to know how to get increased website traffic to their website for free. Many pay for traffic because it’s easier and doesn’t take time. If you have a lot of time at your disposal, I wouldn’t bother paying for traffic. How to increase web traffic for free: 1) SEO (search engine optimization): […]

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Spammers use blog directories as resource tool

I’ve noticed that spammers, hackers, and web scrapers are using blog directories as a way to easily find blogs to exploit. How do I know this? Well often i get the same spammers and and web scrapers across all my blogs that are in these directories. There is a hacker that went around exploiting some […]

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Blog Carnivals

Blog carnivals are an excellent place to get your blog some quick exposure. Blog Carnivals are like an edited blog magazine, where the blogger will pick top blog posts from around the blogosphere. These blog posts were submitted to them and they go through them and find the best ones to post on their blog […]

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High Traffic Website Growth

When seeking a high traffic website, one thing people don’t realize, is the power of compound growth! Webmasters will analyze their traffic stats and see that they might have gone up 10-20% in traffic from the previous month. They figure after a year, they will probably double their traffic (17% X 12 = 200%) That […]

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