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Bidvertiser Review

Bidvertiser is a PPC network that has been around for a few years. In my round of testing out many PPC networks for Dollars Blog, bidvertiser was my last of the “major” ones I have tried. I have actually been pleasantly surprised for a few reasons. Three things I really like about bidvertiser compared to […]

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Clicksor Review

Clicksor has been around since 2001. Clicksor is a Pay Per Click advertiser offering contextual text banner and inline ads. The inline ads are when certain words are underlined in your text and if you hover your mouse over it, a little clickable popup ad shows. Clicksor also has a feature that allows you to […]

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Adbrite Review

Adbrite is a Pay per click network that offers banner ads, video units, and text link units. They also allow people to purchase ads through their marketplace on your banner units. I used them for a while and found them to be a poor earner. With that said, some have disagreed and have found them […]

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Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) Review

Yahoo Publisher Network has been around since 2002. It is currently in beta. What that means is you have to be accepted into the program and create and maintain a quality site. Yahoo publisher Network is similiar to Google Adsense. It’s got many similiar ad block sizes. It is contextual, meaning the ads are targeted […]

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TargetWords Review

TargetWords is a small PPC advertising network by the same network that runs PopUpSponsor. What makes them unique from most other PPC networks is the many styles of ads they have. They have text links, web search, domain parking, 404 pages, pop ups, and even targeted link directories you can integrate into your web pages. […]

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How Pay Per Click Advertising Works

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is the most common form of advertising revenue for web publishers. It is centered around paying the website publisher money each time someone clicks on the ad. Advertisers usually bid on keywords, with some keywords much more expensive than others. Therefore, the rate paid per click on an ad varies […]

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ExitJunction Review

ExitJunction is the most exciting Pay per click advertising program I have joined since Google Adsense. The reason why I love it so much is because it serves ads AFTER a person is leaving your site. They are the only site that does it like this. How it works is if someone finds a page […]

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Adsense Competitive Ad Filter

Don’t you hate it when a ad unrelated to your website’s topic fills up your entire adsense ad block? Then you load the page again and you see that same stupid ad? Well you can get rid of it using the competitive ad filter. The ad filter will block out ads from that domain. If […]

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Tips to Increase Your Adsense Click Through Rate

Google Adsense is a contextual PPC Network. In other words it grabs the text around your page and serves an ad that is related by keywords to your topic as best as it can. Optimizing your adsense ads will dramatically increase your click through rate. Since you get paid only on clicks, increasing the click […]

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Best PPC Advertisers

The most famous Pay Per Click advertiser is Google Adsense, but there is many others and all have pros and cons. Most publishers care about the bottom line: how much money can each one make. In this article I will be ranking in order the most common PPC networks by how profitable they are for […]

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