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Blogging to the Bank Review

Blogging to the bank is one of the most popular E-book guides to making money as a blogger. Or should I say most popular HYPED e-book by bloggers? Read on…. About Blogging to the Bank: The author recommends Google’s free blog setup because he thinks it works the best. He shows examples of where […]

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Rich Jerk Book Review

Rich jerk is a very popular E-book about making passive affiliate money online. It is controversial because of the arrogant name, attitude, and some of the shady methods of the author. Some even question if he really is as rich as he claims. According to “The rich jerk” he might be arrogant, annoying, and obnoxious, […]

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Day Job Killer E-book Review

Day Job Killer is written by the same e-book author behind Adwords Miracle and Affiliate Project X. Affiliate Project X broke the clickbank affiliate company record for most sales in it’s first week. Day Job Killer now broke this previous record. I figured with all the record breaking sales from his previous projects and with […]

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