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Top 5 Picks for High Converting Affiliate Programs

We have for the last 3 months been bringing you the latest top affiliate programs, but I wanted to list my very top 5 picks of programs that have converted very well for me on my own network of websites. The programs I will list below do very well because of their reputation, low competition, […]

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How To Cloak Affiliate Links

If you plan on maximizing your affiliate earnings, you will have to take the extra time to manually cloak your affiliate links. Affiliate links are usually very long or strange looking, making them less inviting to clicks. Most internet users will click on a affiliate link, but there are some visitors that are less likely […]

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Ways you could get scammed by affiliate programs

I wish affiliate marketers didn’t have to worry about the affiliate programs themselves scamming us, but sadly it can happen to you. 1) Cookie length. Some affiliate merchants do not set the actual cookie length as long as they claim on the site. I wrote another article about checking cookies and highly encourage you to […]

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How to Find the best affiliate programs for your site

Finding the best affiliate programs that fits the demographic of your website visitors, is key to getting maximum sales conversions. Unfortunately, most people do not spend a lot of research doing that. They see what some blogging “guru” is recommending and think that is what will make them lots of money. The truth is, if […]

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Shareasale is a large affiliate network since 2000, with hundreds of programs across many topics. It works as a middleman between 3rd party merchants and affiliates to handle billing and accounting. This ensures tracking compliance, security, and makes it easier to reach the minimum payout balance since all commissions are grouped together as one balance. […]

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How to create a very effective affiliate marketing site

Affiliate based websites come in many different forms, but most essentially have one common goal: to get the user to click on a affiliate link. Once a user clicks on a affiliate link, most affiliate programs give a cookie on the user’s computer for 30 days at the minimum. Sometimes a person doesn’t buy from […]

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Google Adsense Alternatives

Google Adsense is king in the PPC industry. Like Google or not, they pay the best and get the highest click through rate. Unfortunately, if you get banned permanently you will probably wind up having to go elsewhere. Google Adsense pays very well as their contextual targeting and keyword bidding is unbeatable. However, in order […]

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How Profitable is Adsense to their alternatives?

Adsense is by far the most profitable PPC network for publishers, but how does it stack up against other advertising options? Adsense profits compared to affiliate ads: If you have Adsense and affiliate ads on your website, which gives better profits per month will depend on several factors. Even though adsense does well in the […]

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How to check cookies to ensure proper affiliate tracking

If you are apart of a affiliate network, for example Shareasale, you dont need to worry about verifying cookies. However, if you are going lone ranger and joining an in house affiliate program, you should doublecheck the cookies. An affiliate program might claim they have a 60 day cookie, but the only way to check […]

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Affiliate networks don’t always guarantee merchant compliance

When a affiliate marketer first joins a large reputable affiliate network, they naively believe that every program is closely monitored and is always tracking their sales 100% time. That is not the case and there are instances where your sales will not be tracked and although it can be minimized, the risk can’t be totally […]

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