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Diversify your advertising on your blog

I believe that gearing your website exclusively around one advertiser, for most it’s Google Adsense, is a huge mistake. Diversification into multiple types of ad systems is the best way to go for most websites. As the saying goes, do not put all your eggs in one basket. The same is true for website advertising. […]

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Bidvertiser Free 20 dollar Advertising Promotion

I signed up for an advertiser account at Bidvertiser a while back and periodically I get an offer for 20 dollars in free clicks. The problem is they ask for your credit card. Why if they are giving it away for free, do you need credit card? To me that seems like a catch to […]

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MSN Adcenter Review

MSN Adcenter is the PPC advertising network for their Live search engine and has been operating since 2005. It works similiar to Google Adwords and Yahoo’s Search Marketing. Earlier in 07 MSN added a lot of new features, so if you checked it out a couple years ago as an advertiser, you may want to […]

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Is Advertising Through Google Adwords Profitable?

Google Adsense is the most popular Pay per click advertiser on the net today. Adwords is a commonly used for advertising because of the name recognition, but is it the best way to advertise your website or affiliate link? Well, for many websites, the answer actually no. When you place bids on the keywords you […]

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Yahoo Search Advertising Compared to Adwords

Adwords is a popular program for advertisers and affiliate marketers. How does Yahoo Search Marketing(formely known as Overture) Compare to Adwords? Yahoo Search Marketing is actually very similiar to Adsense in how it’s structured. They both are contextual(relevent to content) that show the ads across the search engine and publishers network. Both also have high […]

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Yahoo Search Marketing as an alternative to adwords

Most people are aware of Google Adwords. People often forget that Yahoo has their own version called Yahoo Search Marketing (formely known as Overture). It is similiar to Google adwords. The ads are contextual and can go to their PPC ad network (Yahoo Publisher Network) or in the Yahoo search engine. Keyword bid prices are […]

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Adsense Competitive Ad Filter

Don’t you hate it when a ad unrelated to your website’s topic fills up your entire adsense ad block? Then you load the page again and you see that same stupid ad? Well you can get rid of it using the competitive ad filter. The ad filter will block out ads from that domain. If […]

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Tips to Increase Your Adsense Click Through Rate

Google Adsense is a contextual PPC Network. In other words it grabs the text around your page and serves an ad that is related by keywords to your topic as best as it can. Optimizing your adsense ads will dramatically increase your click through rate. Since you get paid only on clicks, increasing the click […]

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Why Do People Continue to Pay for Traffic?

I’m sure you have heard the saying “there is no such thing as a free lunch”. I think this mindset, has made people think that the only way they can promote a website, is if they spend a lot of money. I even had a prominent experienced webmaster tell me that, in order to make […]

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Tribal Fusion Review

TribalFusion is a Pay per Impression network. Instead of getting paid on everytime a user clicks, you get paid per banner image load. The requirements are 2000 unique visitors a day, making the majority of websites not eligible. They also seem to want quality content and a professional design. We decided to research how much […]

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