The most famous Pay Per Click advertiser is Google Adsense, but there is many others and all have pros and cons. Most publishers care about the bottom line: how much money can each one make. In this article I will be ranking in order the most common PPC networks by how profitable they are for webmasters and bloggers.

Google Adsense: Google adsense is the most popular and has the most advertisers. Therefore their keyword bids are usually the most profitable for web publishers. Their contextual ad system is also highly targeted, so click through rate is good. Google Adsense is pretty strict on click fraud, which can often wind up hurting innocent webmasters. Therefore, we recommend you not solely monetize your site on Google Adsense alone.

Bidvertiser: Bidvertiser, based on my experience, seems to be one of the better paying PPC advertising networks out there. It’s not as good as Adsense, but they usually pay better per click on average than most of the rest of the PPC networks. Its also a good alternative for people who were banned or rejected from Adsense. Therefore, I recommend Bidvertiser for those who can’t use Adsense.

They are not contextual advertising, but instead they give you “generic” PPC ads based on the category you picked to describe your website. Then once your website is approved by them, advertisers will start bidding on your site for PPC ads beyond these “generic ads”. This bidding will increase your revenue over time.

I have only used it for 3 months, so I can’t tell you for certain if in fact, it does increase profits in the long run. The one major con of bidvertiser is that it is not contextual ads, so click through rate won’t be as good as Adsense because the ads won’t be as targeted to the page content. It also doesn’t have as good of a click payout rate as Adsense. Don’t expect Bidvertiser to be as profitable as Adsense, but its a worthy alternative if you can’t get into the others for whatever reason. To help improve click rate, you can pick and choose which ads you want displayed, once 3rd parties start to bid ads on your site.

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Exit Junction Every webmaster must sign up for them. They are the only PPC network that gives a visitor ads AFTER they are exiting your site via the back button. They are not annoying popup ads. Its a page full of ads and they can go back on your site if they want. If a visitor searches for your site in a search engine and then decides to leave it via hitting the back button, they get a page full of Exit Junction ads instead of leaving your site. Normally you wouldn’t make any money from these visitors because they want to leave your site and go to other results on the search results. I’ve found that the earnings are about 20% of my adsense earnings, but this will vary a little for each user.

This is a great way to boost your adsense earnings overnight without affecting your current ad revenue. In fact I’ve found a lot of the users go back on my site again after seeing the Exit Junction ads. That means they go back on my site and might wind up clicking on my ads on my site. I’ve noticed a little boost in my existing ad sales too because of this effect. It’s a win win situation because either they click on your exit junction ads and you earn extra money or they are more likely to take a second look at your site and your ads on your site. These exit junction ads are only shown when a visitor comes from the search engines and only when they hit the back button from the original entry landing page.

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Adbrite: I used adbrite for 6 months. I didn’t know any better at the time because it was my first PPC network and I heard the horror stories about Google Adsense. My opinion is they are probably the worst paying PPC network out of the entire internet. Their pay per click rates were very bad for me. With that said, some people claim to have very different experiences. Adbrite is probably most valuable to advertisers because you won’t have to spend a lot to get a lot of clicks. They have direct advertising purchasing options, but those are rare to get, and they don’t usually pay that great either.

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Chitika: Chitika is different than most Pay per click networks because they are not Contextual based on your page content. Instead ads are served based on the keyword of a user when they come via the search engines. They only show ads when a website visitor comes from the search engines and from the U.S or Canada. If the visitor comes from another website or is not from U.S or canada then the Chitika ad is not shown. Chitika is acceptable to use in conjunction with Google adsense on the same pages because they are not contextual and they do not look like Adsense units.

Their ad units are part text with an image inside of the product, so they look different than regular text ads on most other PPC networks. They also have this new system where they will have banner ads that pay by IMPRESSION (instead of per click) only if their system detects it will be more profitable. You can turn that option off completely and just have show per click ads. You have to apply to Chitika and although they say it takes 2 or 3 business days to be accepted, it takes more like a week. They have high standards, so not everyone will be accepted in the network.

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Other PPC networks: Most of the others I have tried or researched either have high requirements in traffic or aren’t any more profitable than some of the PPC advertisers already mentioned here.