Who is the author of this blog?

My name is Paul I’m 25 years old and live in California. I am a college graduate with a B.S in computer science. I run multiple successful blogs, forums, and product sites. Running this site and others is my income.

How long has Dollars Blog been around?

Since November 06.

How did you get started and what were your goals at the time?

This blog originally started for the purpose of talking about ways to make money online. I was just your average person getting started and I’m almost embarassed to admit now, that I actually barely even knew what a blog was at the time. The only reason why I got going in the first place was because someone who was far more knowledgeable about these things, helped me get the site up. As a graduate of computer science, I knew a little bit about general programming and databases etc, but never knew anything about running a website, domains, DNS, or web language programming, so it was all still fairly new to me. I learned things faster though because of my computer science background.

After a few months, I became very good at blogging and learning the ins and outs. I was far from a expert or anything, but I knew I had a lot of potential early on. So, I decided eventually to change the subject of Dollars Blog, to specifically about how to make money online as a career blogger. I also started branching out at this time to making more websites, as I found I could use what I learned into other areas.

To this day I am constantly learning new things, as I try to give advice to others. I don’t think anyone ever stops learning in this business. I’ve spent countless hours on this site and just when I think I’ve learned it all, something comes along.

You mention you run other websites. What are those?

I like to keep those seperate from this site, for a variety of reasons. I run over a dozen websites across many topics. The experience of doing so, helps give me unique perspectives for Dollars Blog, that most other webmasters couldn’t.

I tried to run some websites, but they get very little traffic?

You need to increase your authority in the search engines and write a lot of unique content to your blog or website. In order to increase your authority in the search engines, you will have to put in a lot of hard work and educate yourself on search engine optimization. You will also have to be patient as search engines prefer aged sites and backlinks. Other things you can do, is a lot of social networking or even buying advertising.