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HostGator Review

I currently have been hosting all 13 of my domains for the last few months at Hostgator. All domains are on one account for a good monthly price. My account gets a total of tens of thousands of unique visitors a month and so far have had no problems with slow servers or many other […]

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WAMU Offers Free Checking

Washington Mutual (also known as WAMU for abbreviation) offers personal checking accounts and a Savings Account among many other things. You will find that Wamu has many good offers vs. their competitors. WaMu offers a online savings account, with no monthly fee under certain conditions. When you open a WaMu Free checking account online or […]

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Renting London Parking Spaces

At you can find over 11,000 parking spaces and garages available for monthly rental. If you ever been to London or any other big city you would know how hard it is to get a parking spot. The problem is always either, you can’t find a parking spot because the parking lot and street […]

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Diet Supplement Reviews is closely tracking all the common diet pills out there used by bodybuilders, average everyday people, and fitness enthusiast. You can read their top 10 they picked based on a 12 point system; Value, Ingredient Quality, Customer Feedback, Safety, Company Reputation, Reorder Rates, Customer Service, Product Sensation, Packaging, Long-Term Benefits, Product Convenience, Weight-Loss Potential. […]

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Home Improvement Blog

If your looking for some advice or new ideas on home improvement , you might want to check out I was looking at their pet section and was reading about their Eco-friendly Flushing Cat Box. I’m considering buying it after reading about it because it does the cleaning of the kitty litter box automatically […]

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WordPress Blog Roll Security Exploit

A while back a couple of my blogs was hit with a hacker where he inserted multiple spam links in my blogroll. Eventually at wordpress, I found where they talked about the problem and a supposed fix. The problem is it didn’t work. The only thing that worked was renaming the link.php file in wp-admin. […]

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WP-Uploads Security Vulnerability

I was going to use a WP-Uploads option for uploading pictures. This allows you to have a much easier time uploading pictures and linking to it on your blog posts. What I discovered was that you have to change the file permissions to 777 of the content folder, in order for wordpress to install a […]

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Adsense Competitive Ad Filter

Don’t you hate it when a ad unrelated to your website’s topic fills up your entire adsense ad block? Then you load the page again and you see that same stupid ad? Well you can get rid of it using the competitive ad filter. The ad filter will block out ads from that domain. If […]

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Directory Submission

Directories are an old way of promoting websites. These days many directories have been abandoned and because there is so many of them with so many listings, most internet users hardly look in them for actual sites. The only reason why directories should be used today is for the SEO benefit from the backlink. Some […]

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Google Screws Over It’s Publishers Again – They Drop Referrals Program

I just got this surprise email from Google adsense that they are retiring all their referrals program at end of August. Hello, Thank you for participating in the AdSense Referrals program. We’re writing to let you know that we will be retiring the AdSense Referrals program during the last week of August. We appreciate your […]

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