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What is The Best Blog Software?

The best blog software to get for your web host is WordPress. WordPress is very easy to re-design or code. Even if you are not an expert on coding, it’s so commonly used that everyone out there has figured out a hack or plugin to do almost anything. There is also thousands of free templates […]

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Why blogging often doesn’t turn out as easy as people think

If you are like me and many other bloggers, you might have a tendency to be over optimistic about how easy it will be. I remember when I first started, I thought I could easily concentrate on a site or two work very hard and build it up, get massive traffic, and within a year […]

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Restaurant Software

Decision logic is the company behind restaurant software systems for all types of restaraunts, including fast food and fancy restaraunts. Their software can handle every aspect of your restaraunt model. The software is served over the internet on a web language called the ASP. To use the software you purchase a up-front fee and then […]

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How to Move WordPress To Another Host or Different Domain Name

If you need to move your worpress blog and the database to another web host or even to a new domain name it isn’t that complicated. If you don’t know how to back up wordpress read that first. Moving wordpress to new host with same domain: The first thing you will need to do is […]

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Free Gamer Gifts

At, you can receive free gamer gifts by simply completing offers. These gifts are given away because advertisers pay to put these offers on their site. Right now U.S members can get Free NX Cash Cards & Mesos for maple story, free acclaim game cards, Free Stardollars , free gaia cash & gold, […]

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The Most Important Factor To Get a High Traffic Website

Every single SEO expert out there seems to act like Pagerank and how much “authority” you have, is all that matters. The truth is, for the majority of websites out there, pagerank and authority is less than half the equation. A high PR won’t do much good usually, if your site is only a few […]

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Cheap Web & Domain Hosting offers cheap web hosting for many different types of clients. They been in business since 1998, longer than the vast majority of web hosting companies out there. They have both windows and Linux server OS platforms and shared, vps, and dedicated type hosting plans. doesn’t deceive their customers with slogans like “unlimited bandwith”, […]

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Tips to Increase Your Adsense Click Through Rate

Google Adsense is a contextual PPC Network. In other words it grabs the text around your page and serves an ad that is related by keywords to your topic as best as it can. Optimizing your adsense ads will dramatically increase your click through rate. Since you get paid only on clicks, increasing the click […]

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Online Auto Loans

At Up2Drive you can apply for online auto loans with no application fee or other hidden fees. Simply log on to and it only takes a couple minutes to fill out their form. They offer auto loans for all makes and models of vehicles. They also offer auto loan refinancing. If you have an […]

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How Google Ranks a Website

This article is about how Google ranks websites. A lot of what I have learned about Google is from my own experiences of manipulating keywords in Google, and also from reading other SEO experts on Google. Realize no one knows all the complexities of the google algorithms, but one can make educated guesses on what […]

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