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WordPress 2.5 RC2 Sneak Peek Video

You can see a sneak peek video here, featuring the new features in wordpress 2.5 blogging software. If you haven’t got wordpress for your blog, I highly recommend it. I love the software so much I actually use it for non-blog sites too(and modify it to make it not look so much like a blog). […]

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Formaspace is a trusted source for Workbenches and other furniture accessories, customized for your needs. They will make benches, lab furniture, chairs, and other accessories for those in the drafting, lab, and other professional industries. They were named as the top 5000 fastest growing companies in America. They also serve 80% of the fortune 500 […]

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Dollars Blog has a new design

I decided to give Dollars blog a new more professional theme and to take advantage of the new common “1024 X 768 wide screen standard”. The old wordpress theme that Dollars blog was set on was made for the common 800 X 600 standard. With wide screens now coming with all computers, no one uses […]

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Business Loans at AFS is offering small Business Loans and unsecured loans. They explain in detail what each loan is for and what kind of information is required to supply for each of the Business Loans. You can then go directly to their application process from there. Some reasons why you should look into for yourBusiness Loans […]

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Google Pagerank Update – Feb 08

Google pagerank has been updating in the toolbar since wednesday. This update is a lot sooner than expected, I and many others thought the next one would have been April. There wasn’t enough time to really establish enough good backlinks to get a PR for any new sites you built in December and January. Out […]

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