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Hotels in Rome is your one stop for finding rome hotels and other travel accomodations. This site is owned and operated by an italian couple, Mauro and Paola, who actually live in Rome. Who better to trust for advice then someone who actually lives there! After looking at this site, I had an intense desire to go […]

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WordPress 2.3.3 Urgent Security Release

I’m urging all bloggers who are using the wordpress software platform, to update to the new 2.3.3 release. The security threat is marked urgent by WordPress as it allows a hacker to insert code into blog posts. I actually first hand experience about this because a chinese hacker inserted malicious code into my blog and […]

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Essay Writing Service

In our life unexpected things can happen, but our teachers and professors don’t care about that and expect us to write that term paper. That is why sometimes you really have to rely on a site such as Their site offers a completed professionally custom written essay, within as little as a few hours. […]

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Credit Card Reviews is a great resource for finding credit card information and from there quickly applying for the credit card you want. When you first enter the site you can find a credit card organized by different categories. There are low interest credit cards, instant approval credit cards, bad credit credit cards, student credit cards, balance […]

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Sponsored Post Network Reviews

Sponsored post networks are marketplaces, where advertisers pay bloggers to write a review of a product or website. Sponsored post is usually the most profitable thing a blogger can do to bring revenue to their site. To be eligible for these sponsored post networks, your blog has to have a posting history and possibly some […]

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Top web hosting reviews is a site that every person looking for a web host will want to check out. They give very thorough reviews, for example, I learned from one review that some web hosts actually mean domain pointers and not add on domains when they say multi domain hosting. This is something I didn’t know even […]

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Radiant Gas Heaters

If you live in the cold regions of the U.S like I do, then there is no way you will stay warm outside no matter how many layers of clothes you pack on. I like to be outdoors a lot, especially to sit out with my dog, but it’s uncomfortable with the cold months. I […]

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Best Affiliate network

Affiliate networks allow affiliate marketers to quickly find and join multiple affiliate programs under one site. The networks handle all the payments and keep your personal information safe from the merchants. Affiliate networks help ensure adequate affiliate tracking and help you meet the minimum payout balance requirements. If you join affiliate programs seperately outside of […]

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Bumpzee Review

If you are familiar with the social networking site Digg, then you will realize that Bumpzee is a similiar to Digg. Even the bumpzee button looks similiar to the Digg it button. Bumpzee is not as well known as Digg, so most wordpress plugins do not include it in the social networking icon bundle. You […]

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Car Insurance Information Portal is a quality web portal for car insurance information and quotes. If you want a free auto car insurance quote just simply put in information about your car and zip code and you get free quotes. They require no sensitive personal information like you would with many of the other quote sites. The website […]

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