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Dollars Blog Now One Years Old – Major Things I Learned

It seems like forever since I started this site. This was my very first site, didn’t know anything about running a site on a domain or SEO or promotion. I basically taught myself everything with some tips from other people more knowledgeable than me. While a year doesn’t seem like much, I don’t have a […]

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Burton Hosting

Burton Hosting provides hosting for a wide range of clients, from personal web hosting to business hosting and dedicated servers. They offer 24/7 support via ticket, phone, and live chat support. They even have a 30 day money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the hosting for some reason. According to they have a […]

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Do Follow Blog or Not?

I’ve been struggling the last few months on whether to allow commentors to get “credit” by the search engines, by using the Do Follow plugin.  If your not familiar,  wordpress naturally nofollows all links in comments so commentors get zero search engine credit despite a backlink. There is some pro’s and cons.  Pro’s are I […]

Comments (4) – The Latest People Search Engine

The internet search engines are constantly evolving. The problem with older search engines like Google, is they are based on methodical and robotic algorithms. The future of search engines will include some social or “voting” aspect to it. I found a search engine called Spock, coined a “People search engine”  that bases search engine results on Tags. Registered Users of […]

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bloggerwave is another sponsored site that will help you make money for your blog.  Ive been a member for a couple weeks and I like it because you can actively seek opportunities instead of waiting for them to come to you.  Also each advertiser has their own requirements for their post, giving you more choices on how to do your post. bloggerwave does not set the pay and […]

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Domain Registration Guide

Registering your own domain for your site is the first big leap for a person wanting to start a career as a serious webmaster. Most people don’t know much about web hosting or registering domains and may think it’s only for the technical elite. In reality, it really isn’t as complicated as one might think. […]

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Should I blog on free hosting?

The first thing you must tackle when starting your blog is, whether or not you are going to use free blog hosting. You may have noticed some high traffic blogs getting away with using free blog services. I honestly believe getting a free blog is one of the worst mistakes you can do if you […]

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How To Setup Web Hosting

Before you setup web hosting, you first need to purchase a domain. Your domain is what you will use to “point” your internet address to your actual web host. I recommend you register your domain at GoDaddy. Although Godaddy is good for domain registrations, they aren’t very good at web hosting. For web hosting, I […]

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Best PPC Advertisers

The most famous Pay Per Click advertiser is Google Adsense, but there is many others and all have pros and cons. Most publishers care about the bottom line: how much money can each one make. In this article I will be ranking in order the most common PPC networks by how profitable they are for […]

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Focus on one or multiple websites?

When starting your career as a serious webmaster one question that comes to mind is: Should I just create one website and focus all my energy into it for the next few months or should I create a bunch of websites? I think the best thing to do in the very beginning, is create one […]

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