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Removing blogroll links

Ok as you know I’ve updated my site to move to almost 2 weeks ago from its original place at . Some blogers I notified a couple weeks ago. Those who don’t update my link in their blogroll, within one week from now, will be permanently removed from my blogroll. If you can’t […]

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Sponsored Posts a Good Idea?

Many bloggers find doing sponsored posts very lucrative. Unless you have a really high traffic website, you will usually earn more from sponsored posts than Google Adsense and affiliate programs. You can often earn more in one review than what you earn in a month from Adsense. The reason why advertisers pay bloggers a lot […]

Comments (7) Review is a different kind of advertising network geared towards blogs. They are one of the original advertising networks to gear specifically to blogs. Blog Ads is a invite only advertising network. If you cannot find a blogger to get invited by into Blog Ads, you can contact Blog Ads for helping find one. Due […]

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Dollars Blog moved to front of domain

I previously had the home of this blog as , but now I’ve moved it to the front of the domain ( so please bloggers who are linking to me, update your links to point to the front of the domain( as the old links now will give a 404 error.

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How to get Backlinks

In this article I am going to tell you everything you need to know on how to get backlinks because backlinks are a crucial way of building your site’s traffic up. Many novices think getting backlinks is all about direct traffic as a result from someone clicking on the actual link. However, that is the […]

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