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Choosing The Best Domain

Choosing the best domain can not be a easy decision. When you first get into being a webmaster sometimes you will have regrets of what domain you chose. Why would anyone want to change their established domain name? Well choosing a domain name comes down to two major goals: SEO Friendly Domain or Brand Name. […]

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High Traffic Website Growth

When seeking a high traffic website, one thing people don’t realize, is the power of compound growth! Webmasters will analyze their traffic stats and see that they might have gone up 10-20% in traffic from the previous month. They figure after a year, they will probably double their traffic (17% X 12 = 200%) That […]

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Google Adsense account banning

Google adsense unfortunately is a necessary evil. Like them or hate them, Google adsense is the best paying PPC (pay per click) network around. Sure you can try some other PPC advertiser, but good luck making anywhere near the amount of money. Getting banned from google adsense is a very common thing and it occurs […]

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