The Art of Blogging for a Living.

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Internet Too Saturated for New Bloggers?

One common thought that goes through new bloggers, is if they will be able to make it in such a competitive internet today. There are thousands of blogs getting created everyday. That just means every day it is getting harder to get established in the internet. And you have to work harder to get the same results.

The amount of people getting on the internet is still growing, but mainly in 3rd world countries. One positive I see is that more and more people are buying stuff from the internet in America, instead of in regular stores. What this means to me, is that it’s still not too late to start trying to make money as a blogger. It’s just getting progressively harder. I believe there will be a time in the near future it will be “too late” and you will wind up having to buy a established domain or something to get anywhere. The internet is not quite that saturated yet though, as I’ve gotten fairly new sites some decent rankings already.

Audio patch cables

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SEO or Social Networking: Which is Better?

Finally someone is here to give you the reality of social networking. I’m tired of these top bloggers talking about great social networking through Technorati, Digg, twitter, mybloglog, Forums, etc. I run 13 different sites (mostly blogs) and never had to rely on social networking to try and get traffic to my site. I rely mainly on SEO (search engine optimization), to get most traffic to my sites from the search engines.

If you stick around in the blogging community long enough, you’ll know about those who were able to rise to the top just on social networking alone, with little help from search engines. A perfect example is the high traffic blog, who got his rank punished by Google for shady backlink building strategies. He now relies mostly on social networking and name recognition and not search engines to get most of his traffic. But getting a high traffic site from social networking is difficult. It takes some luck, hard work, and probably some creativity to get people to notice you. You can wind up spending hours commenting on other peoples blogs, submitting your sites to social bookmarking sites, posting in forums, and going on mybloglog adding people to your friends list and visiting their sites. You’ll notice a quick surge in traffic everytime you do one of these things. However, usually the traffic surge is nothing major and might ultimately add to a few pennies in your adsense income (if even that).

What most bloggers also don’t tell you, is that when you stop all this, your traffic usually leaves just as quick as it came. Everytime you submit a blog post to Digg and other social bookmarking sites, you get a surge and then the traffic leaves quickly. You soon have to make another post and submit it to a social bookmark site or make more friends at mybloglog or any number of other things, in order to get another surge in traffic again. It’s a really a vicious cycle requiring a lot of time.

On the other hand with SEO (search engine optimization), it is very methodical and requires very little work in the long run. You don’t have to spend everyday networking or creating new content to submit to the social sites. I actually started a new site about 3 months ago and played around with the social networking in the beginning. I would make a post and submit it to the social bookmark sites and visit blogcatalog(which is like mybloglog). When I stopped doing all this, my traffic slowed to a crawl, except for what i got through search engines. Well after 3 months of starting the site, Google gave me a big jump in the search engines (because of 2 good backlinks plus I’ve always gotten a a boost in rankings automatically in google after the 3 month mark) causing my traffic to nearly triple almost overnight. I hadn’t posted new content on the site in nearly 2 months! Now if I had sat there and did social bookmarking all the time, I would have had to do a lot more work, for the same result. And once I would have stopped, mostly likely my traffic would stop to. All I needed was 3 good backlinks to get a big jump in rank, forever. Should take you less than a half hour to get 3 goodbacklinks, if you been reading my articles.

The problem is most people don’t want to learn SEO at any level. Although at first it takes some learning, in the end it’s much easier, methodical, and less hassle. Heck, I stopped posting on this blog one time for 2 months and still got hits everyday during that time without any work because Google was sending me hits everyday. Sure you can spend everyday making a new blog post and submitting to social bookmarking sites, but you’d make better use of your time optimizing your site for SEO and building backlinks. With social networking tactics, you don’t get much traffic for the amount of work you have to put in. Let Google do the work for you. It’s more sustainable and efficient in the long run.

Best music store

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Delicious is a social bookmarking site, which ultimately helps promotes your website. The First part is on a subdomain, the icio is the domain, and the .us is the domain extension (like .com, .net).

How Delicious works:

After registering for an account, when you see a website you like, you can bookmark it online at Delicious. As you bookmark it you give it a title and tags. The tags are ways to categorize your bookmarks. You can also join other people’s networks, which allows you to share your bookmarks with others. Delicious also also shows bookmarked pages publicly in their directory and search engine, so you can find other web pages by popularity of how often they were bookmarked.

Delicious plugins:

Delicious is a popular tool for webmasters to help facilitate promotion. You can get a delicious bookmark button for your wordpress blog, by getting one of the social wordpress plugins, which will include a Delicious button among others.

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Clicksor Review

Clicksor has been around since 2001. Clicksor is a Pay Per Click advertiser offering contextual text banner and inline ads. The inline ads are when certain words are underlined in your text and if you hover your mouse over it, a little clickable popup ad shows. Clicksor also has a feature that allows you to pick keywords that you want the ads to specifically target.

Clicksor was one of the original contextual advertisers online, but their popularity is very low from what it was a few years ago. Even though Clicksor claims to pay 70% of their earnings to the publisher, they pay very poorly according to most publishers. With Google Adsense paying far better, most choose them instead.

Their referral program pays 5 dollars once that person gets 50 dollars in earnings. The problem is, its only a one time bonus of 5 dollars and not many webmasters will even make it to that first 50 dollars. Most will quit or try another PPC advertiser before then.

Payouts are $50 dollar minimum by check and $20 dollars by paypal.

Clicksor Pros:

1) Choose between text banner ads or inline ads
2) Payments by check or paypal

Clicksor Cons:

1) Very low pay per click earnings.
2) English only ads
3) Poor ad targeting
4) Poor referral program
5) Poor banner ad choices
6) Slow ad loading
7) Every site you want added to account has to be individually reviewed first.


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Google Analytics Review

All webmasters should add Google Analytics to their site. It gives a lot of information about your traffic that will help you to improve your site. Google analytics will tell you how long the average visitor is there, what percentage will look deeper into your site, the top referring keywords in the search engines, unique visits and pageviews, and statistics for landing pages, and more.

No other stat monitoring service can tell you as much about your web traffic as Google Analytics. All you have to do is first sign up for analytics. Then for each website insert a block of javascript code right before the closing body tag of each page. For example in wordpress blogs, just insert it right before the closing body tag in the footer.php file and it will cover all blog pages. With forums you can usually put it before the closing body tag in the index.php file.

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